Wednesday January 16th, 2019

An extraordinary success of Slovak-based World Music Festival Bratislava – three awards in the global rank of festivals selected by the vote of experts. After three years of existence, the Bratislava-based festival became the winner in the Best New Festival and Best Small and Medium Festival categories and it ranked 3rd in the overall vote for the Best Festival category.

The voting about the best world music festival, held under the auspices of the Transglobal World Music Charts (TWMC), was made by a fifteen-member jury composed on music professionals from various countries. The full chart is available on the following website.

TWMC is a renown global music chart focused on world music, global music, folk and related genres. It is prepared by selected music editors and journalists from all over the world. Besides monthly voting on the best album, in 2018, there was the first vote on the best international folk & world music festivals with twenty festivals that made it to the finals.

In the world music festival elite

World Music festival Bratislava won the Best New Festival and Best Small and Medium Festival categories and, in the Best Festival Best category, it was overtaken only by two big festivals – WOMA Delaide from Australia and JeonjuInt´lSori Festival, which is held in South Korean city of Jeonju.

Organisers of the poll also wrote that they appreciate that the Bratislava World Music Festival provides a “carefully shaping the image of the music landscapes of their country”.

After adding the Bratislava-based festival to the Festival Guide in 2018 by the Songlines magazine, ranking it to Music Events of 2018 by the Czech Proglas Radio and a BBC broadcast from the festival, this unexpected top ranking is a significant success of the Slovak music scene from the global view point.