14.30 – 16.00 WORKSHOP with IVA BITTOVÁ

FiF UK, Gondova2, Bratislava

The Žingora vocal school workshop is a project of actress, singer and violinist Iva Bittová. She has founded this vocal school in the United States to help her students find a way to open to self-expression. Under her sensitive guidance, you will focus on improvisation to the safe joint, captivating singing of the participants. In addition to working with one’s own voice, the workshop offers new inspirations, such as the sounds of nature, unique musical experiences, shared with the group, which have a liberating to therapeutic effect.

Sessions begin with a gentle warm-up of the voice and body, introductions, as well as exercises to foster listening and group cohesion. Structured improvisations are introduced along with Moravian, Slovak and Roma folk songs.  Expert teaching on topics such as overtone singing and breath support are interwoven throughout the workshop.

The workshop will be held in Czech/Slovak language!

“I believe in freedom of the voice and of using the voice as a tool for expressing our deepest needs and desires.  After 40 years of touring globally as a professional singer and violinist, I am realizing my dream to open a vocal school and make teaching the focus of my work.  My goal is to create a school that welcomes and inspires people of different backgrounds, abilities and ages through music.”

–  Iva Bittová, Founder


Number of attendance – max. 20 people

Iva Bitt’s workshop is also part of the Angrusori project and tour. Organizer: Žudro in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts and WMF.


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May 19, 2022

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