20.8. 2022 10 a.m. Workshop for the public

Ukrainian song workshop for singers and the public
Lecturer: Bohdana Ljashko, choir master, singing and voice teacher originally from Ukraine

Venue: Beigli Hotel & Garden, Baštová 4, Bratislava, https://www.hotelbeigli.sk/
duration: 1 hour

language: Slovak/Ukrainian
Content: relaxation and breathing exercises and Ukrainian folk song practice for Slovak and Ukrainian interested parties.
Number: 10-20 persons

20.8. 2022 12:00 Workshop for musicians

Global Arrivals: Duncan Ballantyne, Ballantyne Communications

After receiving feedback from Slovakian artists about their needs, their goals, the workshop will engage participants and collaboratively discuss and workshop ideas behind:
Growing audiences with tight budgets, recognising and taking advantage of your strongest talents whilst learning from others, building a communications and creative strategy.

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20.8. 2022 10 a.m. Workshop for the public20.8. 2022 12:00 Workshop for musicians

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