‘Hooligan folk’


The young band members created an unusual project around jaw harp virtuoso Erik Turtev in 2018. Since their formation, the band stands out with their unconventional approach and overall ‘hooligan folk’ style.


Varkocs (traditional braid) use only old pagan Slavic and Hungarian acoustic folk instruments. Their goal is to collect songs dedicated to the jaw harp as found in different ethnic groups living in Slovakia (e.g. Slovak, Hungarian, Ruthenian and Roma). That is why the band sings in four languages. The repertoire is based on songs that they have learned from old village masters and found in various archives. The jaw harp has a special place in Slovak folk music; its use was mainly spread by Roma metalworkers and expanded rapidly around Slovakia by shepherds and village musicians. The band, however, enriches the songs with a new flavor of imaginative arrangements, almost pagan energy, and the sound of the jaw harp as a solo instrument.


Erik Turtev – jaw harps, overteno flutes, fujara, kaval pipe

Júlia Viktória Vaczulka – vocals, shakers

Mátyás Szinghoffer – cahon, jaw harps, shaman drum, vocals

Gergely Nagy – drums