Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin



Armenian duduk virtuoso Vardan Hovanissian and Turkish balgama player Emre Gültekin are not only examples of musical friendship and understanding, but also a symbol of reconciliation between the two nations.

Their music does not only bring together the common musical heritage of Armenia and Turkey, but also of the whole region, including Georgia, Iran and the Kurdish region. At the same time, their music is a timeless journey that overcomes borders and styles. Although their collaboration is based on a traditional repertoire, and often includes folk songs, both artists have transformed it into a composition that reflects their own experiences and perceptions of the present with current problems, such as (again) the fate of refugees. The artists are accompanied by percussionist Marat Jeremian on dhol.

The debut album of this couple, Adana (2015), which was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, got attention of many. Both musicians worked on this topic sensitively and inventively, thus gaining the recognition of music experts. The second album of Hovanissian & Gültekin, titled Karin, placed first in the Transglobal World Music Chart in January 2019. Karin is the ancient name of the Armenian city of Erzurum, which is currently located in Turkey. It is the birthplace of the grandfather of Vardan Hovanissian, who, as one of 200 people, survived the deportation of about 40,000 inhabitants of the city during the Armenian genocide. The whole album and the songs on it are a tribute to the city of Karin, which flourished most during its cosmopolitan period, when it was a crossroads of different cultures living along the Silk Road. We invite you to enjoy this unique musical experience at their concert in the Mirror Hall of the Primate´s Palace.

Vardan Hovanissian : duduk, tav shvi
Emre Gültekin : vocals, bağlama, kopuz, cura, üçtelli, şelpe, divan
Marat Jeremian : dhol

Adana (Muziekpublique, 2017)
Karin (Muziekpublique, 2018)

28th Sept., 7pm, Mirror Concert Hall, Primates´ Palace