Trojka Zuzany Homolovej



For years, Zuzana Homolová has been devoting her energy to creating specific renditions of folk ballads. It is no wonder, that her name has become synonymous with the genre throughout Slovakia. The trio consists of her long standing sideman Samo Smetana playing the violin and a multi-genre guitarist Miloš Železňák, well-known for his jazz, blues and rock projects. The cooperation of musicians resulted in further unanticipated dimensions searching for the very fundamentals of the human existence. The group balances between various genres and proceeds with untraditional renditions of folk ballads. Their music bridges centuries and connects the seemingly unconnectable, discovering the jewels of forgotten folk culture and presenting them in the new light of contemporary music.

Zuzana Homolová – lead vocal, guitar, kalimba, percussion
Samo Smetana – violin, mandolin, viola, vocals
Miloš Železňák – guitars, guitalele, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, ruan, pipa, oud, vocals

Ňet vekšeho rozkošu (Slnko records, 2012)
Keď vojačik narukoval (Slnko records, 2018)

28th Sept. 2019, 4pm, Véčko, Nám. SNP 12