Cape Verde
19.8.2022, Majestic Music Club, Karpatská 2, Bratislava


Tabanka is a group of Cape Verdeans from Rotterdam, whose music has been inspired by that of Cape Verdean artists from an older generation, such as the well-known Bitori or band Bulimundo. The group has a fresh and contemporary take on funaná, the upbeat, energetic and festive music and dance style, once forbidden by the Portuguese colonial rulers, which became part of post-independence Cape Verdean identity in the eighties. Funaná was derived from the music from the descendants of slaves, mixed with contemporary pop and jazz. The base of funaná is the diatonic accordion (gaita) and the rasping sound of the ferrinho, a notched metal bar played in a similar way as a Caribbean guiro. Ferrinho as an iconic musical instrument even got its own postage stamp in Cape Verde. Tabanka, which consists of four Gomes Ferreira brothers (Ampario, Djeison, Jerry and Nelson) and their musician friends, knows how to put on an exuberant live show in which it is impossible to stand still and everybody wants to dance.


Spertador (self-released, 2018)

Ka Mesti (self-released, 2020) – EP 

Line up:

Ampario Gomes Ferreira – gaita, vocals, bandleader

Anildo – drums, backing vocals

Arlindo Silva Timas – congos, backing vocals

Djeison Gomes Ferreira – bass guitar

Jerry Gomes Ferreira – percussions, backing vocals

Nelson Gomes Ferreira – ferrinho, backing vocals

Zé Pinton – guitar, backing vocals