Baroque music with folk motifs

Solamente Naturali is the early music ensemble founded in 1995 with the wide range of successful recordings, some of them based on the handwritten collections from 18th century (Uhrovec collection from 1730 or Anna Szirmay-Keczer collection from 1720) and played on the period instruments. The name of the ensemble „Simply Natural“ is synonymous with bandleader Miloš Valent ́s artistic credo, whose essential fundaments in reviving of ancient scores are spontaneity, naturalness, often with elements of rustic roughness. He often draws upon his improvising skills and experiences in folk music. The guests of programme Musica Globus are Czech musician Jan Rokyta and Hungarian harpsichord player Soma Dinyes.


Solamente Naturali:

Jan Rokyta – dulcimer, whistles, vocal

Miloš Valent – artistic director, violin, viola, vocal

Dagmar Valentová – violin, vocal

Peter Vrbinčík – viola, vocal

Tibor Nagy – double bass, vocal

Juraj Kováč – cello

Soma Dinyes – harpsichord, daf, percussion