20.8.2022, Teatro Colorato, Františkánske námestie 2, Bratislava


Sisa Michalidesová is a Slovak jazz composer, flutist and actress. She has composed and recorded 14 albums in total, the last two released in 2021. Both have been chosen in the top five best recordings of the last year according to the jury of Radio_Head Awards (the local Grammys). The album titled Majster a Margaréta (The Master and Margarita), inspired by the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov, was in the top five in the category of Jazz music, while the second album Commedia, which has a Balkan flavour, was chosen among the best five albums in the category of World Music/Folk. The music written by Sisa Michalidesová could be characterized as a crossover between jazz, movie and theatre music, classical music and other genres. Her albums have received many awards from music critics and experts in Slovakia. Sisa will play some compositions live from Commedia during our festival and there will be musicians from various countries on the stage – including Moldovian cimbalom player Marcel Comendant, Serbian accordeonist Marko Kukobat, and Klemens Marktl, a drummer from Austria, adding a world music flavour to her music.

Last two albums:

Majster a Margaréta (LP Studio Slovakia, 2021)

Commedia (LP Studio Slovakia, 2021)


Sisa Michalidesová – compositions, flute, whistle

Marcel Comendant – cymbalo

Marko Kukobat – accordion

Palo Bereza – soprano saxophone

Robert Vizvári – bass guitar

Klemens Marktl – drums