The six-member Rusín Čendeš Orchestra (RČO) was founded in 2011 in the village of Môlča near Banská Bystrica by René Bošeľa (of Banská Bystrica), Peter Šipula (Telgárt) and Jakub Stračina (Turček). The cottage in Môlča became the recording studio Môlča Records, where the group and other musicians record. Its music is strongly influenced by a variety of music – Ruthenian, Slovak, Romani and Balkan folklore, classical music, Argentinian tango, pop and jazz. The band has so far released one album, titled, perhaps prematurely, ‘Best Of’. It came out in 2015, and a year later was among those nominated for the Radio Head Award in the category Debut of the Year. This recording shows the unique approach to Ruthenian folk songs and temperament which is also present in the band’s live performances.

In addition to their concert and festival appearances all over Slovakia (including at the World Music Festival Bratislava in 2016 and Hudba Sveta Žilina in the spring of 2018), appearing on the Slovak TV show ‘Zem Spieva’ in 2017 helped the band reach a wider audience. In 2016 it represented the Slovak world music scene at the Czech Music Crossroads showcase event in Ostrava. The band consists of: René Bošeľa – viola, guitar and vocals; Róbert Bošeľa – drums and percussion; Peter Šipula – vocals and violin; Andrej Turčin – violin, Zuzana Stračinová – cimbalom and vocals; Jakub Stračina – double bass. Rusín Čendeš Orchestra will perform at the World Music Festival Bratislava on Friday, September 14, and the audience can expect material from its forthcoming second album. There is no better Ruthenian party on Friday night!