A young Argentinian artist performing under the stage name Rumbo Tumba mixes the sounds of traditional Latin American instruments with futuristic electronic loops and rhythms, creating new music quality in real time.

Rumbo Tumba, own name Facundo Salgado, is a multi-instrumentalist from Buenos Aires who is not afraid of experimenting. He uses string instruments like the electric bass, mini guitar charango, but also the brass instruments (various kinds of indigenous flutes – from the six-hole quena whistle to sika, which is the Andean equivalent of the Pan flute), and percussions (cajón, guiro, various natural “rattles”). By using all the instruments in combination with electronic effects and looper Rumbo Tumba sounds like a band.

Rumbo Tumba is an amphibian who is a master of indigenous musical instruments as well as urban electronic machines. The result is music with a unique sound for a perfect club atmosphere. In 2012 he won the BOSS Loop Station World Championship and was the finalist of the Young Artists Buenos Aires 2013/2014.

So far, he has performed mainly in Latin America – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil, this year he plans to tour Europe – the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Poland. He will also visit the world music festival in Bratislava, where he will perform at the Afterparty.

Facundo Salgado: charango, brass instruments, percussions, bass, looper, electronics, singing

Groove Andina (2012)
Cable Tierra (2015)
Madera Sur (2018)

28th Sept. 2019, 10pm,  Bohéma Bar