The project of Ildikó Kali, which she describes as ethno chanson, helped her to her breakthrough after the release of the CD La Loba (Sun Records). The album has become a milestone in the work of Romanika, the group gathered around singer and guitarist Ildikó Kali (Ika) and brings together the best works of the experienced musician and producer Stan Palúch. The songs at Romanika are matured and at the same time they have retained their distinct character underlined by a music-colored world, accompanied by the charismatic expression of Ika. The richer sound of the band was provided by specials guests of Slovak world-jazz music such as Marcel Comendant – cimbalom, Martin Chovanec- accordion, bandoneon, Peter Solárik-drums and others.

The songs of Ildikó Kali still retain their feminine charm, an unmistakable expression full of energy and passion. Songs with lyrics full of imagination are accompanied by music often topped with elements of flamenco, Balkan music, or gypsy motifs. Strong feminine element balances the deep and jazz- cultivated sound of the double bass played by Ikin´s life partner Roman Kraic.

29th Sept. 2019, 4pm, Véško, Nám. SNP 12