The music group Roc´hann (read “rochan” – a Breton term referring to a “smaller rock cliff”) was created in the spring of 2004 on the initiative of two French people who have been living in Bratislava for several years. Singers Frédéric and Didier are accompanied by Slovak instrumentalists. The goal was clear – to allow listeners to get to know and love Brittany through music, singing and dancing. Emblazoned with legends from ancient Celtic times, this French region will get you intoxicated by the ravishing seas, wild coastal hills, deep forests and proud Bretons proud of their language and rich culture.
Breton songs about love, sea and sailors, refreshing like a pint of cidre, invites you to dance and feel like a Breton tavern. Roc’hann will help you to discover this westernmost region of France, glorified in legends of ancient Celtic times.
Frédéric Jacq – Vocal
Didier Rogasik – Vocal
Andrea Tkáčová – Violin
Linda Nováková – Flute
Milan Medek – Guitar
Michal Kubinec – Double bass
Roc’hann (2008)
Menez Traezh (2019)

28th Sept. 2019, 4pm, Véčko, Nám. SNP 12