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Thursday 13.9.

Secret venue
Three concerts at a secret undisclosed venue.

Secret location

Meeting of the Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals
For members only

Pálffy palace, Zámocká 47

Friday 14.9.

Showcase of Slovak bands

  • Show gajdošského združenia Spojené huky (SK)
  • Spojené huky otvoria festival sprievodom po meste od Hl. námestia k Letnej čitárni u Raka. Páni času (SK)
  • Rusín Čendeš Orchestra (SK)

Summer Reading Room U Raka, Michalská 26

Gala Concert 1

  • Bashavel (SK)
  • El Amir Flamenco Trio (ESP)
  • King Ayisoba (Ghana)

Ateliér Babylon, Kolárska 3

Saturday 15.9.

Guitar workshop
Flamenco masterclass with Amir J. Haddad
Gitarový Workshop

Conservatory, Konventná 4
v spolupráci s Konzervatóriom Bratislava

This playful drumming is aimed at all age categories including children and adults. Each participant will be provided with a percussion instrument and will become a part of a rhythmical orchestra. The principle of playing together and practicing rhythms is very simple and even a newcomer can join the drumcircle and enjoy the common music making. The workshop will be held in co-operation with Rytmika.sk.

Zichyho palác – courtyard Ventúrska 12


  • Miriam Kaiser (SK)
  • Subhira Quartet (Chile)
  • Ľudove Mladistvá (SK)

Véčko, SNP Square 12

Gala Concert 2

  • Adam Ben Ezra (Izrael)
  • Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma(Grécko)
  • Marko Markovic Brass Band (SRB)

Ateliér Babylon, Kolárska 3


  • DJ Julah
  • Folk and Bass Orchestra
  • Stephen Budd

Véčko, Námestie SNP 12

Sunday 16.9.

A series of films

Series of films / Documentaries dedicated to Slovak music and folklore. Bagpipes and bagpipe culture, Fujara-Trombita

Elis / Directed by Hugo Prata

The life of Elis Regina, undoubtedly the greatest Brazilian singer of all time, is told in this biopic film with energetic and pulsating rhythm. Arrastão by Elis also launched her career for a national audience. For the history of Brazilian music, the record represented the beginning of a new musical style that would be known as Música popular brasileira or Brazilian Popular Music. Her 1974 collaboration with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elis & Tom, is often cited as one of the greatest bossa nova albums of all time. She sometimes criticized the Brazilian dictatorship which had persecuted and exiled many musicians of her generation.

Entry fee 2€

Véčko, Námestie SNP 12
in cooperation with the Brazilian Embasy

Myers – Lenko – Lupták – Valent – Chassidic Songs.
Chasisidic songs capture the trace of jewish culture of the central Europe in the historical context of this region. The project originated in 2008 as the collaboration of rabbi Baruch Myers and musicians Jozef Lupták (cello), Miloš Valent (violin) and Boris Lenko (acordeon).

Zichyho palác, Ventúrska 12

Central European Showcase

  • Trombitáši Štefánikovci (SK)
  • Duo Dinovski & Schuberth (A)
  • Babra (HU)

Hviezdoslavovo námestie – Altánok
In cooperation with Bratislava Capital City

Gádžo Expres
The dance performance inspired by Roma music and dance. The society often forgets about the fascinating culture that is still alive among Roma people. Our society is still full of stereotypes and prejudices as far as Roma ethnics are concerned. The authors are dedicated to preserving these traditions and presenting them on stage. Directed by: Ján Luterán and Marianna Luteránová, Choreography: Vladimír Michalko, Music: Jureš Fallgrapp Líška and Michal Noga

DK Zrkadlový háj, Rovniankova 3
In cooperation with KZP a DK Zrkadlový háj