Pavol Bodnár Band, featuring Peter Adamov

21.11.2020 / online


Pavol Bodnár – a composer, arranger, jazz pianist, teacher, laureate of the Martoník Prize HF  – Jazzman of 1996, laureate of the  AUREL 2006 Award for CD Ecce Jazz, is going to present his new album Jazz a hory/Jazz and mountains (Hudobný Fond, 2020) at our festival.

Pavol Bodnár was inspired by folklore music, however, his songs have an original seal of their rendition in the jazz context. Classical and jazz composition means, opulent harmonies, rhythmical adaptations and improvisations, typical for jazz in his arrangements together with original melodics and lyrical texts open a brand-new world of perception of the traditional music in the modern context.

Pavol Bodnár – piano
Peter Adamov – lead vocal
Lucia Pintérová – flute
Samuel Marinčák – guitar
Stanislav Cvanciger – drums
Martin Marinčák – double- bass