The band Páni Času comes from Nitra and has been active since 2013. Last year, the trio released its first official album, ‘Zelené Sihote’, which gained a place among the five best recordings at the Radio Head Awards in the category World Music & Folk. The band is led by bagpiper Lukáš Lacko, th second guild master of the Guild of Slovak Bagpipers, who is accompanied by percussionist and multi instrumentalist Zuzana Hanusová and guitarist and mandolinist Ján Kostolány. Páni Času play the music they love, their main inspirational sources being Slovak traditional songs, medieval melodies and Celtic folk. Part of their repertoire consists of bagpipe melodies influenced by the styles of the region of Pohronský Inovec (the villages of Malá Lehota, Veľká Lehota and Jedľové Kostoľany). The tradition of bagpipes and their melodies in this region is still quite strong, and it’s not surprising that bagpiping culture has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, becoming the third musical entry from Slovakia alongside fujara and the music of Terchová.

The band uses exclusively acoustic instruments, and its sound is lively, not only because of the predominant sound of bagpipes but also because of its well-constructed arrangements. Lukáš Lácko plays bagpipes and other wind instruments, Zuzana Hanusová plays bodhrán, tambourine, whistles and shawm, and Ján Kostolány acoustic guitar and mandolin.

The trio play most often at home in Slovakia. (Lukáš Lacko is one of the organizers of the international festival Gajdošské fašiangy, which has been annually held for more than 30 years in villages Malá Lehota, Veľká Lehota and Jedľové Kostoľany). But it also plays at small festivals in the Czech Republic, Poland and Italy, and also attracted the attention of foreign judges at the Radio Head Awards 2017 in the category World Music and Jazz. In September, you will be able to see them at the World Music Festival Bratislava.