Ondrej Selecký & Karol Kočík

Ondrej Selecký
This native of the village of Hrochoť is not only an excellent fujara player and singer, but above all an important producer of fujaras, whistles and Wallachian flutes. His fujars were awarded the Instrumentum Excellens plaque in 2010 for maintaining the traditional production of folk instruments. He grew up in an environment where folk art lived in its natural form. As a singer, he has been joining various local celebrations since childhood. His teachers were well-known producers of fujaras, like Ján Štesko, Milan Štesko and Dušan Šúr. Ondrej Selecký´s appreciation of a wide repertoire of Hrochoť songs and a distinctive suggestive nature of his singing is appreciated by many. He has performed at all major fujara and folklore festivals in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, often together with Karol Kočík. He also performed with ĽH Paľáčovci and other Hrochoť natives in the TV contest “Zem spieva” (Earth Sings). In 2005, he participated in the preparation of background materials for the registration of the fujara in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage. The instruments created by Ondrej Selecký are well-known for their musical and acoustic qualities and are used by musicians around the world.


doc. Ing. Karol Kočík, CSc.
He is an expert in traditional folk art. He has been playing on and studying brass instruments for many years. In 2009-2011 he worked as a lecturer at the Department of Ethnology and Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Nitra, where he led courses on the foundations of material culture in folk tradition. Since 1992 he has been working at the Technical University, Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. He also deals with the Wallachian culture from the point of view of landscape ecology and its wider socio-cultural context.