21.8.2022, Klarisky Church, Klariská 1, Bratislava


Neha! is a combination of six unique voices that complement and interpret songs from around the world. Ukrainian, Macedonian, Serbian, Finnish, Spanish, Romanian and other songs in polyphonic arrangement invite listeners to an experience of broad diversity. Diversity is what Neha! gives its unmistakable sound. In their radically tender interpretation, the singers perceive, and with them their listeners, a peculiar magic that makes us complete and loving. Through mutual respect, acceptance and emphasis of  their unique gifts, the members of the group create a gentle space in which miracles take place and differences come together in unity. Six women – six voices merge in real time into a harmonious whole. The band has successfully performed at several summer festivals and benefit concerts, and is currently working on preparations for its debut CD. Neha! will perform at the World Music Festival Bratislava 2022 as a guest of the Alapastel project.

Macedonian song Domačine

Spanish song Mi dimandas

Ukrainian song U lisi

Band members:

Sára Halíková – vocals, cajón

Kristina Kluvánek – vocals, shamanic drum

Denisa Parobeková – vocals

Belinda Rašnerová – vocals

Mária Valentová – vocals

Zuzana Žiaková – vocals