Mojše Band

20.11.2020 / online


Despite their short lifespan, this trio has built up a real presence in the Central European Klezmer scene – mostly thanks to their innovative take on Jewish regional traditions from former Hungarian territories.

„… Moishi was the original name for Klezmers who lived in Slovakia. Instead of playing traditional Jewish music, these musicians devoted themselves in Slovak music because of sustenance. Therefore, in lot of regions, there came to be a beautiful symbiosis of stylistically different components into one specific musical whole… “– explains band leader Michal Paľko, singer, composer and dulcimer player.

Thanks to their rich interpretive skills and multi-genre musical background, they are able to create a unique, progressive „neo-klezmer“style.

Since the founding of Moishe Band, its members have been invited to many prestigious festivals, including the Jewish Culture Festiwal Krakow, Mazal tov Košice, Samajim – Třebíč, Simcha – Wroclaw, Pohoda at Trenčín and many more. The band has also worked in collaboration with Abraham Geiger Collegue, a rabbinical school in Berlin, as well as collaboration with reformed Jewish community Beit – Krakow.

In 2017 Moishe Band won a prestigious prize at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam. During 2018 they performed at their first tour in Israel.