Miriam Kaiser

20.11.2020 / online


Miriam is a Slovak violinist, composer, and singer. Her works are imaginative, playful pieces brimming with imagery and poetry, tied together by her voice. Her expression and musical language combines elegance and modern experimental music with inspired folk melodies.

In 2016, Miriam captured the attention of music lovers with her audiovisual project Colour Sounds in which she combined rich orchestral arrangements, folk melodies and female vocals with soft electronic sound. These have remained signature elements of her compositions.

Tanec strún 2018, the latest album was released in 2018. Her music remains sophisticated, innocent, and dreamy. In 2020 Miriam released a new album Horúca slza. Miriam Kaiser strikes an impressive balance between Slovak folk music and New Age sound. Miriam has performed all across the Slovak Republic, in the Czech Republic at the UNITED Festival and Czech Music Crossroads.