Michal Noga Band

21.11.2020 / online


Michal Noga and his band are well-known in Slovakia with their top-class playing full of lightness and energy. Michal is an acclaimed violin player, composer and teacher with a background in ethnology. He has gathered the material from the rich traditions of various regions and peoples of Slovakia and learned from old masters and village musicians. Michal Noga Band are skillful musicians, that have accompanied Michal at many folk festivals and dance houses: Jakub Liška (fiddle), Ján Tej (kontra), Marek Neumahr (cimbalom) and Tomáš Čopik (double bass) are occasionally complemented by male and female solo and group singers and extra instrumentalists including clarinet, sax and double-chanter bagpipe.

Michal Noga ´s dedication to folk music, years of fieldwork and active playing resulted in his debut album STOPY (Tracks). There’s a nice conceptual feel to the way the music is presented, that alludes to this being youngish present-day musicians paying tribute to the musicians and bands who have carried the traditions. The album reached the 15th position in World Music Chart Europe and 22nd at Transglobal World Music Chart in October/November 2020.