21.11.2020 / online


The same mysterious force of nature, unintelligible, terrifying and enormous, which once motivated people to create cults, spells and protective behaviors, becomes an inspiration to musical discoveries and creating an atmosphere of the intriguing duo Mehehe.

This Polish band unconventionally refers to the Slavic tradition of folk magic and tells stories that have survived in nursery rhymes, fairy tales and magical sentences. The duo –  Basia Songin and Helena Matuszewska are artists associated with many folk and non-folk bands (Sutari, Same Suki, InFidelis, Kuso). The  Mehehe band debuted at Polish Radio Festival “New Tradition”, winning the  prize for a well thought-out stage performance, intimacy and a fairy tale atmosphere.

Album: Mehehe CIEMNIENIE / DARKENING (AAUU records , 2019)
Music & lyric by Mehehe – Matuszewska & Basia Songin

Helena Matuszewska: złóbcoki (traditional mountain fidle), suka (knee-fidle), rawap (kashgar), spindles, looper, vocals
Basia Songin: wolf bass, kankles, shamanic drum, spindles, jew’s harp, vocals