Martin Geišberg & Balkansambel

20.11.2020 / online


Songwriter, dramaturgist and author of theatrical music, Martin Geišberg, when composing the album titled Na modrej planéte/On the blue planet, invited accordionist Daniel Špiner and Balkansambel band to combine their authorship and interpreting efforts. It resulted in a unique album, where wind instruments and Balkan rhythms, arranged by Marek Pastírik, add the flavour and playful energy. The album was awarded the Radio Head Award 2019 in the WorldMusic&Folk category.

Even though the springboard of the creativity of Balkansambel is the traditional music of Balkan bands, the band also focuses on our folklore songs, classical as well as jazz music. Their concerts represent a wedding of the spontaneous expression energy and intelligent humour of original music language.

Martin Geišberg – lead vocal, guitar, flutes
Daniel Špiner – piano, accordion, vocals
Lucia Korená – vocals, drum


Marek Pastírik – sax, caval,taragot, bag pipes, bawu
Martin Noga – trombone, bass trumpet
Andrej Rázga – trumpet, flugelhorn
Juraj Hodas – tuba
Martin Králik – drums