Marko Marković is a thirty-year-old trumpeter, composer and bandmaster of his own orchestra, who started his career as a teenager in his father Boban Marković’s orchestra. By 2002, aged 15, he was in charge of all the arrangements in the band and became a soloist. On the eve of his eighteen birthday, Marko was put in charge of the whole band by his father, and the band was renamed the Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra. Under their names, the father and son recorded several albums with the German publisher Piranha Records (‘Boban i Marko’,‘The Promise’, ‘Go Marko Go!’, ‘Devla’, ‘Golden Horns’, ‘Gipsy Manifesto’) and released one album of their greatest hits. They played at many events all over Europe as well as in Slovakia, either at their own concerts or at festivals such as Bratislava Jazz Days and Pohoda in Trenčín.

In 2010, Boban (who had won three awards at the legendary Serbian Guča Festival for his trumpet performances) declared that his son had overtaken him in music. Marko decided to create his own band, the Marko Marković Brass Band, which blends Balkan rhythms, jazz, reggae, latino, modern dance music and other genres. It has taken the music market by storm, and made several successful singles such as ‘Gypsy Rege’, ‘Leskovacka Rumba’ and ‘Ali Baba’, ,and its debut album is just around the corner.

Marko will present the new band and its new program at our festival on Saturday, September 15 at the Babylon Studio. His performance will certainly be a great closing of the Bratislava festival
– a true cherry on the pie!