M. Lalitha a M. Nandini



Lalitha and Nandini Muthuswamy are virtuoso violinists from the Indian state of Tamil Nad. They are not only great at playing their traditional South Indian songs, the so-called Carnatic music, but also western classical music or various fusions with other genres.

This sister duo is one of the prominent representatives of traditional music from South India. Lalitha and Nandini come from a very famous music family and are already the fourth generation of respected artists. Although their grandparents were born in the state of Kerala, they themselves grew up in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Their teacher was their grandfather V. Lakshminarayana Iyer. Some of their uncles are musicians known in the West – L. Vaidyanathan, L. Subramaniam (played with a number of American jazz musicians, G. Harrison and S. Wonder) and L. Shankar (the one who played with John McLaughlin in Shakti and later with Peter Gabriel).

Lalitha and Nandini have been dedicated to music since early childhood, and today they are award-winning experts on Carnatic music, classical rhythms of South India, temple music and rituals that require a particular vocal expression. Their music style is known for brilliant virtuosity as well as many innovative violin techniques. With their almost revolutionary approach (in addition to the South Indian tradition, they are also skilled in Western classics and other nations´ music), they have created a distinctive style highly valued not only in India, but also in Western Europe and the USA, where they regularly perform and teach at local universities. Recently, they have begun collecting almost forgotten traditional Indian instruments they want to preserve for future generations.

As a duo playing together since 1985, they have more than 20 albums under their belt – solo albums as well as in collaboration with various artists, including George Brooks, Abbos Kosimov, and surprisingly Mike Albert, a former guitarist for Megadeth. As a sought- after violinists, they also collaborated with Grammy nominees such as Ron Majumdar, Paul Peabody, Shujaat Khan and others.

The recordings of L. Lalith and L. Nandini are proof of the versatility of this duo, their fantastic cooperation, South Indian melodicism and the ability to improvise. Since they are both experts (Lalitha is Dr.) on South Indian music and musical instruments, the audience in Bratislava can also look forward to an interesting talk about this exceptional musical tradition.

Dr. Lalitha Muthuswamy: violin, singing
Nandini Muthuswamy: violin, singing
Sandeep Sangameswaran: percussion

28th Sept., 7pm, Mirror Concert Hall, Primates ´Palace