Folk Band Pokošovci



FM Pokošovci from Šumiac is currently one of the most popular Roma groups of Horehronie. At our festival, this group will play with the visiting violinist and singer Jana Ambrózová. The group will also introduce their new CD here.

Today´s band consists of the third generation of musicians – three brothers Miroslav (first violin), Radoslav (kontra) and Stanislav Pokoš (double bass). The set is complemented by their cousin Vladimír (kontra) and accordionist Július Markuš from Polomka. The Pokoš family come from the village of Šumiac, but they are also related to the famous music families Pokoš and Harvan from Telgárt.

Pokošovci can play anything. Since the band often plays at weddings and other live events, it adapts its repertoire to the audience, while retaining its own unique interpretation style. You could see them at many dance houses in Bratislava, at Pohoda festival, where they played for hundreds of people. Although they can sing typical Horehronie songs beautifully, they are no strangers to rom-pop and of course they know beautiful old Roma songs.

We are very pleased that after the performances at folklore festivals or in the dance houses, visitors of our festival will also be able to enjoy the art of Pokošovci, this time during the launch of their new album, which will be personally presented by excellent musician and singer Jana Ambrozova from the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts in Nitra. Their concert will be the  culmination of and an unforgettable closure of the whole festival.

Miroslav Pokoš: violin, singing
Radoslav Pokoš: kontra, singing
Stanislav Pokoš: bass, singing
Vladimír Pokoš: kontra, singing
Július Markus: accordion
Viera Pokošová: singing
Jana Ambrózová: violin, singing

Folk music Pokošovci (2014)
Folk music Pokošovci 2 (2019)

29th Sept. 2019, 7pm, DK Zrkadlový háj