6/12/2021 Saturday

11 AM *Conference

Delegates evaluate the showcasing bands:

Johann Kneihs (AT), Araceli Tzigane Sanchez (ES), Bojan Djordjevic (RS), Ken Day (GB)    /with Slovak subtitles



Guest -Hasmik Movsisian – “Music of Armenia – past, present and what is next” /with Slovak subtitles

Michal Noga – Examples of fusions in traditional Slovak folk music in the past.  /with English subtitles

Jana Belišová – „Angrusori – The common project of Slovak Roma a Norwegian Kitchen Orchestra     /with English subtitles

Robert Pospiš – Project Giľav – Songs sung by Roma at home   /with English subtitles

Štefan Štec – The Ruthenian folk culture in the production of Folk Ensemble Hornád /with English subtitles

Martin Noga a Saša Pastorková – WOMUSK 2021, New Generation /in Slovak

Robert Gregor – New Model Radio    /in Slovak