Saturday, 28th Sept., 10am

  • A brief overview of world music scene and the plans for 2020
  • Focus Fujara – presentation of Fujara with demonstration by Karol Kočík and Ondrej Selecký
  • Joe Grim Feinberg – Book presentation: „Vrátiť folklór ľuďom“
  • Panel Discussions – Slovak music scene:

Folklore: Katarína Babčáková (Národné Osvetové Centrum)
Jazz: Pavel Daněk, Katarína Lipová (BJD), Matrin Valihora (One Day Jazz Fest), Marián Pavlovič (City Sound)

Sunday, 29th Sept., 10am 

  • WHY DIY? – Seminar with musician and a director of Manchester Jazz Festival : Noam Vazana (NL)& Steve Mead (UK) : What does it mean to manage yourself as an artist?

This interactive 60-minute session will cover a wealth of conceptual approaches and practical tips to enable all artists to up their game and get more gigs. Noam and Steve join forces to share their insights into working without representation and how this can enable both artists and programmers to reach audiences and produce a distinctive live music experience on your own terms. This session will reveal tricks you can put to good use in your daily work. It will help you save time and invest your energies into where they can produce the most beneficial and efficient results to get you closer to where you want to be. 

Free entry.

  • Listening Session – international professionals evaluate Slovak music
  • Speed meeting: Face2Face sessions with international delegates

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