Jana Belišová

(SK) In 2019 she joined the Department of Musicology in the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava. She specializes in the music of Romani people and is the initiator of numerous projects, including Phurikane giľa (ancient Romani songs), Hojna nejna (Romani dance songs), Karačoňa (Romani Christmas songs), Odi kaľi mačkica (Romani children’s songs), Neve giľa (New songs), Šun, Devla, šun tu man (2015), AfterPhurikane (a creative dialog between Romani musicians and musicians of other ethnicities), Phuterdo Ore. She founded the NGO ŽUDRO and her work includes anthologies, CDs, DVDs, documentary films, scientific studies, concerts, expositions, articles and lectures. She is a producer of various documentary movies, such as Cigarety a pesničky (2010), Zvonky šťastia (2012) a Ťažká duša (2017), 25 short documentary videos Šilalo paňori (2017 She is member of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), study groups Music and Minorities and Audiovisual Ethnomusicology.