Born in village Čečehov close to Michalovce (1966) – Eastern Slovakia. He studied economy at Economical University in Bratislava at Faculty of management in Košice. He is founder and director of music international record label ~Hevhetia (founded in 2001). Hevhetia is focused at non-comercial music (jazz, alternative, blues, experimental, etc.). To the year 2017 was more than 250 records released with coopearation of the artists from all over the world. Distribution of the records is to Europe, Asia, America. Ján Sudzina was publisher of the magazine Hudba (Music)
for more than three years. He is organising Summer music festival Hevhetia from 2011 (http://www.hevhetiafest.sk). Since 2015 the festival is international and is organised in Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland and France. Since May 2011 to April 2014 he was executive director of project European capital of culture 2013 (Košice). Since 2016 is Ján Sudzina the President of Marathon club Košice.