Iva Bittová & Paolo Angeli

Czech, USA, Italy
20.11.2020 / online


Thanks to a process of exploration and recovery of memory in a contemporary key, the duo Angeli Bittova builds, through the practice of improvisation, a hybrid music that shows traits of uniqueness, recognizable after hearing a few notes. Their artistic career is characterized by a poetics rooted in the traditions of their cultures of origin: the Gypsy villages in Moravia, where Iva Bittova was born and raised, the Sardinian music that Paolo Angeli inherited.

In the music of the duo, you can feel a symbiosis between thought and action, the breathing of artisan popular simplicity and cultured complexity.

Iva Bittová
 Is Czech violinist, singer and actress ackonwledged for her musical worldview and visionary creativity. Her musical expression is influenced by Moravian, Czech and Slovak folk music.

Paolo Angeli
 the Sardinian musician, manually magics multi-layered music from his unique prepared guitar: a hybrid orchestra of an instrument with strings going in all directions, foot-pedal-controlled motorised propellers and hammers to create shimmering drones and bass-lines as he bows, strikes, plucks and strums.

IVA BITTOVA – violin, voice
PAOLO ANGELI – prepared sardinian guitar, voice