21.8.2022, Teatro Colorato, Františkánske námestie 2, Bratislava


Ildikó Kali and her singing are recognizable from the very first moment. She displays a variety of colours and expressions. The singer and musician from Trnava released four albums with the band Romanika from 2004 to 2014 (Svetlo a tiene, Vlčie balady, Milenka všetkých a V hlbinách). Later she started to perform under the pseudonym Ildikó Kali. After the album La Loba was released in 2018, she chose a new unbeaten path and recorded an experimental album with the poetry of Ján Botto, a Slovak romantic poet (19th century), set to music. Thanks to modern compositions, the old ballads and legends were given a contemporary dimension and it turns out that even these words still have something to say. The result is the album Zlatá panna (Golden Maiden), which was nominated for the Radio_Head Award in the category of World Music/Folk for the year 2021. Its songs are ranked on world charts and successfully represent the Slovak world music scene. The album was given 4 stars out of 5 at the international music server Roots Music Report. At the World Music Festival Bratislava, Ildikó Kali will introduce the album Zlatá panna in cooperation with guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Peter Luha. 


Ildikó Kali & Romanika – La Loba (Pavian Records, 2018) 

Ildikó Kali – Zlatá panna (self-released, 2021) 


Ildikó Kali – lead vocals, guitar, ukulele, looper, percussion

Peter Luha – guitar, looper, whistle