Argentina, Chile, Spain
20.8.2022, Zichy palace's courtyard, Ventúrska 9, Bratislava


The Guanaco Trio consists of three musicians and composers currently living in Buenos Aires and who have been enchanted by the beauty of Argentinian music. This trio brings together musicians from three continents in a vibrant exploration of the folkloric music of Argentina. Violin player Laura Urteaga was born in Buenos Aires, but she was raised in Catalonia and she had her music education in Barcelona and Basel. The guitar player Benjamín Aedo is a native of Santiago in Chile, but he moved to Argentina to study local music traditions. And last but not least, there is the bandoneon player Owen Salomé, who was born and studied in Australia, where he performed in a tango orchestra in Sydney.  He decided to improve his bandoneon playing techniques right in the country where this instrument came from. All three of them are currently students of Argentine Music at the National University of San Martín in Buenos Aires. The project commenced in 2020 and they recorded they solo album in the spring of 2022. It consists of their own compositions and also popular melodies based on Argentinian folklore. The trio has performed in various theaters in the City of Buenos Aires, as well as in the rest of Argentina during the quarantine period, but this year they are heading to their first European tour, which includes Spain, France, Austria and Slovakia.

Debut album was recorded this year, the band is collecting money for its release. Concert for the album available here. 


Laura Urteaga – violin

Benjamín Aedo guitar

Owen Salomé – bandoneon