Percussion Music from Indonesia

Genggam Art percussion band originates from Indonesia and was formed in 2008. Three young musicians from different Indonesian tribes share their passion for ethnic music based on traditional instruments from Southeast Asia.  From rural community festivals, temple ceremonies and ritual music, the rhythms and melodies are transformed by their enthusiasm for new approaches and innovative processing. The band offers a fresh, unconstrained insight into the music of this region with youthful energy and mastery.

Genggam Art (ID):

Adam Alaydrus – Sapek

Aji Amirudin – Saluang , balinese flute, indung drum (large), child-sized drums (kendang kulanter)

Endy Barqah – Talempong, Taganing


Kendang in the West Java area is generally called Kendang Sunda. One set of this type consists of at least three drums, namely one indung drum (large) and two child-sized drums (kendang kulanter).

The Sapeh is a traditional musical instrument of the Ulu people, or “people upstream”, who live in long houses along the river of Central Kalimantan. The shape is carved from a single log, with some measuring over a meter.

Taganing is one of the Toba Batak musical instruments, which consists of five melodic drums that also function as variable rhythmic instruments in several songs.

The talempong is a traditional musical instrument of the Minangkabau tribe and is typically made of brass, but some are made of wood and stone.