Story and screenplay: Mariana Luteránová, Ján Luterán, Vlado Michalko
Directed by: Ján Luterán a Marianna Luteránová
Choreography: Vladimír Michalko
Assistant choreographers and pedagogical training: Peter Vajda, Alfred Lincke, Linda Luptáková and performers
Music: Jureš Fallgrapp Líška and Michal Noga
In cooperation with: Ivana Šusterov

Words of Vlado Michalek:
“The creative team is made of dancers, choreographers, directors, musicians and ethnologists. Our society is still full of stereotypes and prejudices as far as Roma ethnics are concerned. The society often forgets about the fascinating culture that is still alive among Roma people. We, as authors, are dedicated to preserving these traditions and presenting them on stage.
It is important for us that the authors share the same experience and explore the ethnological background right in the heart of Roma settlements. By doing so, the authors are able to share the common language that, in turn, facilitates mutual communication and brings the desired outcome. In addition to personal enrichment, we also inevitably interfere with our audience – with the part of the society in which we live and create. Our work can become an important tool for mutual cultural enrichment by sharing important features of both cultures.“