Folk &  Bass Orchestra consists of bagpiper Juraj Dufek, keyboardist Michal Veselský and Robo Sedílek, though usually only the first two appear on stage; Robo Sedílek is responsible for the
production of beats, electronic basses and effects . They have made only one recording, an unofficial EP, so far, but they are currently working on their first official debut album. Nevertheless, they still managed to capture the attention of listeners, not only in Slovakia but also abroad (one of their songs made it to the compilation of the Polish magazine Pismo Folkowe’). Their joyous combination of folk motifs, distinctive sounds of bagpipes and electronics quickly found their fans.

Juraj Dufek studied to become a mechanical engineer, but his soul always belonged to bagpipes, which he enthusiastically plays, makes and promotes. He is the only professional bagpipe maker in Slovakia, and has been making them for more than 20 years. He currently owns more than a hundred, not just the common types but also historical ones from other European regions. He’s also a bagpipe teacher, and presents workshops about the instruments. Besides bagpipes, he plays whistles, fujara and various other wind instruments.

Michal Veselský has been keyboard player of the indie pop band Vetroplach since 2002. He has recorded three albums with the band, and was a member of the popular band La3nos Cubanos. Moreover, for many years he has presented the video series ‘Nehaňte ľud môj’ on the SME channel, interviewing folk artists and craftsmen from all over Slovakia. In Folk & Bass Orchestra he plays keyboards and indulges in electronic musical toys, and sometimes plays drumbľa (jew’s harp) or ozembuch (percussion stick).

The Folk & Bass Orchestra is a guarantee of a busy night full of dancing. Enjoy their music at the final afterparty of the festival on Saturday, September 15 in Bratislava Véčko.