Eniesa & PJ´s Lab & Franta Černý

Slovakia, Czech
21.11.2020 / online


Album and project Jablko (Apple) is about connecting deeply rooted folk traditions and ambient tunes, rock attitude and also electronics. It has connected two countries and three generations of musicians, while each of them has brought his own unique music world into it.

The idea to produce Jablko came naturally, rising from instant chemistry, great excitement and common desire for art among all three authors of the project:

ENIESA, Sandra Urbančíková, is a young Slovak singer, musician and composer of theatre and film music. She has already produced three solo albums.

PJ’s LAB, Pavol Jeňo is a trumpet player from a Slovak pop music band IMT Smile, musician, composer and audio engineer.

Franta ČERNÝ is a living legend both in Czech and Slovak Republic and the frontman of Czech folk-rock band Čechomor, which is known mostly thanks to their album Proměny (2001) awarded three prizes Anděl (Czech Grammy) and also thanks to the cooperation with Jaz Coleman, Gerry Leonar a Tony Levin.

Sandra Urbančíková – vocal, accoustic guitar, effects, santur
Franta Černý – vocal, accoustic guitar
Pavol Jeňo – trumpet, synth, bass, sampler
Lukáš Chromek – gitara, rec/mix/master
Michal Fedor – drums, percussion