Flamenco in a pure form. This is what hearts of the musician Amir-John Haddad alias “El Amir” and his trio beat for. The trio relies in their work on various instruments – not only the guitar, but also the mandolin, percussions, bouzouki and Arabian lute oud, which gives flamenco a unique feeling. The guitar mogul Amir-John Haddad arrives with the bass guitarist Héctor Tellini and the percussionist Miguel Hiroshi to Bratislava to share their passion for music.

Amir-John Haddad was born in Freiburg, Germany in 1975, to a Colombian mother and a Palestinian father from whom he learned to play oud. In 1997, he decided to move to Andalusia, to Jerez de la Frontera, where he became a student of masters such as Pepe Justicia and Enrique de Melchor. Two years later, he won his first prize for his original musical composition “Certamen de la España y Flamenco” at the Teatro Albéniz in Madrid. For almost ten years he was a member of the legendary Radio Tarifa band, which was nominated for Latin Grammy in 2004 in the category “Best Traditional Album” for “Fiebre”.

In 2006 Amir-John Haddad recorded the first album under his own name, Pasando por tabernas. With a producer Carlos Ray and the multi-genre band Zoobazarnahral he recorded a debut album Uno in 2011 and in 2014 its sequel Dos. In the meantime, he also produced a solo recording titled 9 Guitarras which features nine different guitar songs recorded on nine different guitars. Although Zoobazar has taken a short break, the leader is still active and continues with his other interesting projects.
Flamenco à la Amir can be heard either at solo recitals or at concerts of his sextet, including singing and dancing, or his chamber trio. El Amir Flamenco Trio produces music that blends modern and vintage sounds, reminding listeners of the original roots of flamenco. The band performed at several prestigious festivals, such as the 9th festival Veria Guitar in Greece (2010), the 30th Guitar Festival of Córdoba (2010), “The Moods” in Switzerland in Zürich (2010) or Les Guitares Festival in Lyon, France (2011). Spanish audience couldn’t get enough of concerts of El Amir with Marcus Miller and his band.

Come and see the El Amir Flamenco Trio on September 14 at the Babylon Studio. If you can’t get enough of flamenco, come and join El Amir at his flamenco guitar workshop just a day later on Saturday, September 15.