Long-time teammates Atanas Dinovski and Paul Schuberth explore the possibilities of music through creative blending of different musical traditions of South-East and Central Europe, drawing on jazz, world music and new music. Their concert will take you to the unexplored worlds of the two virtuoso musicians, bringing you an extraordinary fresh audio cocktail. Similarities and differences in their approaches to music are reflected in an innovative way they produce music. The result is a new and extremely engaging music.

For some, the music for two accordions is a match made in heaven, for some not, but the Duo Dinovski & Schuberth can charm away the doubters way too quickly. Their virtuosity and modern style of playing topped with a sense of humor is something to look forward to. Their work combines Balkan folklore with tango and waltz, classical music, Scottish and Irish folk fused with elements of jazz and contemporary classical music. The duo, which has been playing together since 2013, simply knows no boundaries.

Another striking feature is the apparently flawless improvisation and provocation – which is, by the way, the title of their only album from 2015 – Improvocation. The duo provokes listeners by blending together lot of music styles and genres, creating a new music world.

Atanas Dinovski  is a Macedonian native. He completed his art and pedagogical studies at the University of Antoine Bruckner in Linz. Atanas plays not only the accordion but also the bandoneon, and is a member of several orchestras and bands that play different genres – tango, musette, jazz and Balkan music. So far he has recorded three albums, one of which in cooperation with P. Schuberth. Paul Schuberth is currently one of the best-known young Austrian accordionists and is a member of several music groups. Apart from records recorded with the duo, Atanas has also several other recordings under his belt.

Duo Dinovski & Schuberth are to perform on Sunday, September 16, at Hviezdoslav Square in Bratislava on the Central European stage.