Duo Bud



Korean folk, with contemporary and jazz elements

Duo Bud reinterprets nature and the universe, the main motives of Korean folk music, with the explosive energy of percussion and the delicate melody of strings, expanding the potential of instruments and the genre of traditional Korean music.

Their music communicates with the contemporary world and eliminates the boundaries lying in the traditional music structure and instrumentation, embracing musical elements from other genres such as jazz and rock while preserving the intriguing style and beauty of Korean folk music simultaneously.

Their professional debut was made after winning first place (KB Sori Award) at the 2015 Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival. Since then, Duo Bud has been musically active worldwide, playing at renowned music festivals in France, Taiwan, Slovenia and Hungary. They have engaged in a successful in North American tour (Chicago, New York, Mexico and Cuba). The participation at WMFB will be their first appearance in Slovakia.

In collaboration with Jeonju Int´l SORI Festival

Duo Bud:

Sora Kim – Jang-gu percussions

Jihye Lim –Gayageum (string instrument)