Albert Hosp (A) – the director of the Glatt&Verkehrt Festival in Krems and music presenter and journalist at  ORF 3, Radio Österreich 1, Austria where he hosts 12 programs per month, presenting & producing classical, jazz and many other musical genres. He is a jury member of the World Music Chart Europe.

Willi Klopottek (L) – the Radio presenter and music journalist. Since some years producing and presenting the World Music show Mondophon on Luxembourgish Radio ARA. Writing as the World Music journalist for Luxembourgish WOXX weekly newspaper including regularly monthly album reviews. Member of Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC) since it’s first publication in October 2015.

Martyna Markowska (PL) – the head of programming of the Institution of Culture Katowice City of Gardens, where she programmes the Katowice JazzArt Festival and the world music festival Gardens of Sounds. In addition to writing for numerous publications dedicated to interdisciplinary forms of art, she specialises in curating interdisciplinary and social projects within the programme of Katowice – UNESCO Creative City of Music such as Polish aspect of Czech Music Crossroads in Ostrava.  She was a member of the team that organised WOMEX 2017 in Katowice, is a current board member of Europe Jazz Network, and in 2019 is part of the programme committee for European Jazz Conference in Novara in September 2019.

Ábel Petneki (HU) – the  Communications manager. He promotes jazz, contemporary and classical concerts at Budapest Music Center and Opus Jazz Club since 2017. With more than 400 concerts each year, the core mission of Budapest Music Center remains the same ever since its 1996 founding: to present contemporary Hungarian and European music as a concert promoter, record label, music library and information center. Besides, Abel Petneki has experience in booking and marketing.

MilanTesař (CZ) – the Radio presenter at Radio Proglas, Český rozhlas Vltava and music journalist. He is a jury member of the World Music Chart Europe.

Alexander Walter (D) – the  programming director of WOMEX, member of the team of Piranha Records label and Piranha Art organisation. Alexander is a musician himself.