(previously known as Rusin Cendes Orchestra) are a band formed around a scampering cimbalom, fiddles and strong male and female voices. The professional musicians educated in classical music and surrounded by folk music of Ruthenian/Rusin minority share an intriguing new approach to the interpretation of folk music based on mixing the elements of classical music, jazz, balkan rhythms with Slavic melodies.  The critically well received 2015 debut album titled “Best Of” was nominated for the Radio Head Award 2015 (Slovakian “Grammy Award”). The second album „Cossack Attack!“ is an imaginative set of folk arrangements with rich-sounding vocal duets and virtuosic violin solos. This album ranked No. 15 in World Music Chart Europe (June, 2019).

World Music Festival Bratislava offers Čendeš in a very vivid live concert video from their studio.



Peter Šipula – vocals, violin

Andrej Turčin – violin

Zuzana Stračinová – dulcimer, vocals

René Bošeľa – viola, guitar, vocals

Jakub Stračina – bass

Robo Bošeľa – drums, percussion