Naom Vazana & Steve Mead

Noam “Nani” Vazana is an Amsterdam-based composer, pianist, vocalist, trombonist and musical activist who performs over 100 concerts annually across Europe and beyond, including North Sea Jazz, Roccella Jazz, Tanjazz and New York. She is a board member of the Amsterdam Artist Collective and Founder/CEO at Nova Productions agency. She recently won the SENA Music […]

Joseph Grim Feinberg

Joe is an anthropologist currently working at the Philosophy Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, where his research addresses the meaning of authenticity and performance and the history of politics and aesthetics in Central and Eastern Europe. His book The Paradox of Authenticity: on folklore performance in Post-Communist Slovakia, was released in 2018. Joseph […]

Ondrej Selecký & Karol Kočík

Ondrej Selecký This native of the village of Hrochoť is not only an excellent fujara player and singer, but above all an important producer of fujaras, whistles and Wallachian flutes. His fujars were awarded the Instrumentum Excellens plaque in 2010 for maintaining the traditional production of folk instruments. He grew up in an environment where […]

Peter Lipa

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Marián Pavlovič

After founding and being an artistic director of Open Jazz Fest at Zelená Voda for 6 years, Marián founded in 2012, together with Matej Šálek, the Bratislava year-round festival CITY SOUNDS which focuses on jazz and related minority urban genres (R&B, soul, funk, fusion, chanson) with vibes of classical music. At the same time, Pavlovič […]

Jana Ambrózová

Ethnomusicologist, violinist, singer and teacher, the head of the Department of Ethnology and Folklore at the Philosophical Faculty of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. She is engaged in the research of traditional instrumental music in Slovakia and a new tradition of dance houses. She is a member of the female singing groups Trnki from […]

Katarína Babčáková

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