One of the oldest and most viable music styles – pizzica, also known as tarantella – comes from the south of Italy. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino is not only a great representative of this style, but also the best world music group of the year 2018 according to Songlines magazine.

This group is an internationally celebrated symbol of lively music, the so-called pizzica salentina. In 2018, they received the Best Group award from the renowned Songlines magazine, which is dedicated to the world music and related genres.

The latest album called Canzoniere (Songbook) from 2017, although based on traditional music from Salentino region, sounds highly modern. The album also features Piers Faccini (vocals) and Justin Adams (guitar). The album enchanted music specialists (in December 2017 it landed on 4th place in the World Music Charts Europe) as well as listeners at energetic concerts. GCS’s live performances is a fantastic music-dance experience which also reflect upon more serious topics. For example, the song Solo Andata/One Way Ticket from the album Quaranta (2015) draws attention to the fate of immigrants who died on the Italian shores on their way to a better life and freedom.

Pizzica (the older name is tarantella) is the only preserved European trance music from ancient pagan times in which the participants danced their frustrations away (spider-bite related diseases). The basis of this style is the rhythmic sound of tambourine combined with ecstatic singing. Later, other instruments, especially violin and accordion, were added. During the second half of the 20th century, this musical tradition spread from the Italian
boot to the world. One of the first groups to revive pizzica was Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (GCS). The group was founded in 1975 by Daniele Durante and his cousin, writer and journalist Rina Durante. Since 2007, Mauro Durante, Daniel´s son, has taken over the baton and helped get the band back into the limelight. Thanks to his more modern approach to creation and interpretation, CGS is taking the stages of the biggest festival around the world by storm. In September, Bratislava will become one of those places.

Mauro Durante (violin, vocals, percussions)
Alessia Tondo (vocals)
Silvia Perrone (dance)
Giulio Bianco (bass guitar, bagpipes, whistles)
Massimiliano Morabito (accordion)
Emanuele Licci (vocals, guitars, buzuki)
Giancarlo Paglialunga (vocals, tambourine)

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27th Sept. 2019, 8pm, Ateliér Babylon