BraAgas is a predominantly female group that performs folk songs from all over Europe. A significant portion of BraAgas´ repertoire is made up of Sephardic songs, Scandinavian and Balkan folklore. Recently the group has also been focussing on Moravian folk songs.

In its folk-music adaptations, BraAgas endeavours to take advantage of the diversity of the individual songs´ origins. Female voices intertwined with ethnic and historical instruments, in harmonies are what give the group such an interesting sound.

Kateřina Göttlichová – vocals, cittern, nyckelharpa, guitar, bagpipes
Karla Braunová – vocals, flutes, clarinet, chalumeau, shawms, bagpipes
Michala Hrbková – vocals, violin, vielle
Michaela Krbcová – vocals, percussion – davul, goblet drum, cajón
Karel Zich – double bass

BraAgas No. 1 (Indies, 2007)
BraAgas No. 2 – Media Aetas (Indies, 2008)
Tapas (Indies, 2009)
Fuerte (Indies, 2012)
Yallah! (Indies, 2014)
O ptácích a rybách (Indies, 2018)

29th Sept. 2019, 7pm, DK Zrkadlový háj