The five-member group Babra from Budapest continues with the tradition of playing Hungarianfolklore music influenced by the culture of southern Slavs and vice versa. Although walking in thefootsteps of such giants as the band Vujicsics or Söndörgő, the members of Babra are heading in their own direction and at their own pace. The three tambura players – David Pozsonyi, Daniel Koller and Bence Babcsan (Bence also plays reeds and flutes) – accordionist Réti Benedek and double bass player and singer Veronika Varga know how to entertain their audience for sure! Tambura / tamburica is a stringed musical instrument known in Southern and Central Europe, especially in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary, but also in Burgenland, Austria. It is a musical instrument related to the Greek buzuki and Turkish-Persian baglama. There are many types of tambura that differ in size and number of strings. The biggest is the bass tambura; however, this instrument is not used by Babra as the musicians have a charismatic double bass player and singer Veronika Varga.

Babra first captured the attention of the international audience in October 2015 when they played, the night before the opening of the WOMEX international trade fair in Budapest, at the headquarters of the Hungarian music publisher Fonó. Since then, they have had many concerts at home and abroad, often playing at dance clubs and pubs. Their music naturally blends South Slavic, Hungarian and Roma musical traditions with the experience of classically educated musicians and youthful energy. Videos of their performances can be found at various websites.

The group is currently recording its first studio album You will be able to see and hear Babra at the World Music Festival Bratislava on Sunday, September 16 at Hviezdoslav Square in Bratislava, the Central European stage.