Romany songs from birth to death

Angrusori is a pan-European project led by Norway’s Kitchen Orchestra, an improvising ensemble who’ve collaborated with some of the world’s leading avant-garde musicians over the years. Here their featured star is the remarkable Iva Bittová, a Czech violinist, singer, actor and composer together with amateur Roma musicians Marcela Dreveňáková and Jozef Dreveňák. Their knowledge and interpretation of Roma songs from East Slovakia were the basis of this project.

11 traditional Romany songs on this album, often ancient ballads collected by the musicologist Jana Belišová while travelling among the Roma of Slovakia. The lyrics tend to be grim tales of birth and death, suffering and yearning, exile and persecution.


Iva Bittová – composer, vocals, violin

Nils Henrik Asheim – composer, pump organ, leader of the orchestra

Stine Janvin Motland – vocals

Marcela Dreveňáková – vocals

Jozef Dreveňák – vocals, guitar

Gjertrud Okland – violin

Patrik Žiga – violin

Roman Harvan – cello

Petter Frost Fadnes – saxophones

Johan Egdetveit – accordion

Peter Mižigar – guitar

Stale Birkeland – drums, percussion


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