21.8.2022, Klarisky Church, Klariská 1, Bratislava


Alapastel is a special project of the Slovak musician and composer Lukáš Bulko which combines ambient and classical music sounds with electronics. After his debut album Hidden for the Eyes, released under the UK label Slowcraft Records in 2018 and warmly welcomed both by listeners and music journalists, there came a second album entitled Ceremony. It was released in autumn 2021 under Lost Tribe Sound label from the USA. Lukáš crafts impressive collages of neo-classical, experimental and electronic compositions, with a hint of traditional influences, yet made in a contemporary way. Some tracks of this “healing ritual” contain extracts from Richard Grossman´s music based on traditional Amazonian shamanism. The other important persons of the Ceremony album are Adam Dekan, producer and sound-designer, and Ján Kružliak jr., a violinist capable of improvising in various music styles. Visual arts and dance are also important ingredients of Ceremony. The dancing and shamanistic part of the live performances are performed by Kristína Kluvánek. Let´s heal ourselves and the planet Earth in this sound ceremony!


Hidden for the Eyes (Slowcraft Records, 2018)

Ceremony (Lost Tribe Sound, 2021)


Lukáš Bulko – electronics, live sampling (Octatrack)

Ján Kružliak jr. – violin + effects

Kristína Kluvánek – vocal, fujara, drum, shakers, intuitive moves