Adam Ben Ezra is a musical and Internet phenomenon from Tel Aviv. The double bass is not the only musical instrument that this multi-instrumentalist, composer and pedagogue mastered, but it
is the instrument that made him famous thanks to his double bass solo in the living room (don’t forget the dog!). His version of the song Can’t Stop Running was seen by more than three- quarters of a million people around the world on YouTube. He made two albums and played a number of concerts, one of which will be held in September at the World Music Festival Bratislava.

Adam Ben Ezra was born in Tel Aviv and has been making music since childhood. The first instrument he had learned to play as a five-year-old was a violin. Later he went on to learn playing a guitar, piano, bass and double bass. In addition, Adam Ben Ezra also knows how to play a clarinet, flute, oud and percussion, and often uses sound loops and effects. His career began in jazz clubs and cafes, playing with local musicians and groups. In 2008, he published his first successful online video covering Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’. He remains fond of performing his own take on cover versions of famous songs such as those by the Beatles, David Bowie or Nirvana.

In 2013 he released his first EP , ‘Adam Ben Ezra’, and began to perform outside Israel, mainly in Europe. A year later, he joined the accompanying band of popular Israeli singer Achinoam Nini
(Noa), with whom he has been playing ever since. In 2015 he released his first album ‘Can’t Stop Running’ with contributions from guitar player Adam Ben Amitai and drummer Gilad Dobrecky. Two years later he released his second album ‘Pin Drop’, which is basically a solo concert recorded in the studio in front of a small audience without rehearsals. On it Adam explores modern sounds in a musical palette blending elements of jazz, latino music and music from the Mediterranean.

In his work he is often inspired by J. S. Bach, C. Debussy, Chick Corea, Sting, Eddie Gomez and Jaco Pastorius, as well as by flamenco and Arabic music. However, he himself is often an inspiration for others thanks to his experiments with new styles of double bass playing, which he also uses as percussion. Concerts by Adam Ben Ezra are a popular attraction at jazz and multi-genre festivals throughout Europe, and we believe that his performance at the WMFB on Saturday, September 15 at the gala at Atelier Babylon will please his old and new fans alike.