Thursday (September 21, 2017)

Site Specific

Nám. SNP - Hlavné námestie

17:30 Maribondo - drum parade across the city
18:00 - 20:00 Festival tram with live music


KC Dunaj

18:00 Drumming and dancing workshop with Kalàscima band
Music and dance workshop from southern Italy, pizzica taranta. Tamburella-playing instructors: musicians Kalàscima and Dance instructors: Veronika Majdáková and Darina Labudíková In co-operation with KC Dunaj and EtnoDance studio
20:00 The Dance House – Slovak folk dance workshop
teaching of folk dances with František and Barbora Morong and Michal Noga Band.

Entrance fee: 5 EUR / person

In cooperation with OZ Dragúni:

Friday (September 22, 2017)


Zichyho palác, free entry

10:00 Slovak Traditional Music and World Music - speeches
František Morong a Barbora Morongová (SK): 15 years of Dance Houses in Slovakia

Katarína Babčáková a Michal Noga (SK): Folklore festival Východná and traditional music and dance projects in National cultural center. 
Jarmila Vlčková and Ľubica Zajacová (SK): Slovak world music and its sources, development and current situation
More information in the section Conference .

Workshop with live music presentation

Zichy Palace, free entry

13:00 - 14:00 Jana Ambrózová and Michal Noga (SK):
Muzikantské “harmaňije” z Telgártu a Šumiaca
Audiovisual presentation dedicated to the traditional style of musical interpretation of Romani string ensembles from Telgárt and Šumiac – the two famous villages in the Eastern part of the Horehronie region. The live music performance will consist of musical examples played strictly according to the style of musical interpretation of leading musicians from the mentioned villages. They will be accompanied by the audio-visual projection, and edifying commentary from ethnomusicologist Jana Ambrózová – a guest violin player in the Michal Noga band.
Michal Noga Band:
Michal Noga – violin
Jana Ambrózová – violin
Ján Tej – viola
Tomáš Čopík – double-bass

In cooperation with NOC.

Public Discussions

Kontakt, Ventúrska 12, free entry

16:00 On the Need for a Dialogue in Today's Society
Growing nationalism, extremism and xenophobia, as well as the complexity of today's world, require a dialogue that reaches beyond the framework of individual religious, cultural and ethnic communities. These days, shadowed by information manipulation, dialogue is the only way to shed light on prejudice. However, real dialogue has to evolve out of respect for others and it has to be supported by knowledge. The varied combination of our guests will look for the answer to the question of what constitutes the essence of humanity in today's world, where the power of the community starts and how to overcome the temptation to build walls instead of bridges.

Discussants: Ondrej Prostrednik, Egon Gaál, Jožo Lenč, Juraj Mesik.

Discussion moderated by: Mário Nicolini - Executive Director, Forum of the World's Religions Slovakia


Site specific

Nám.SNP - Hlavné námestie

17:30 Maribondo and Gajdoši - drumming and Bagpipe parade and battle in the centre
MARIBONDO - drum orchester of Brazilian rhytms: Nám.SNP- Primaciálne nám. -Hl. Nám.- a GAJDOŠI- bagpipers and drummers: Rudnayovo nám.- Hviezdoslavovo nám.-Hl nám- and music battle at the Main Square
18:00 - 20:00 Festival tram with Live Music


Hlavné námestie, free entry

18:00 Ľubomír Gašpar Cimbal Project
18:45 Karpaton
19:30 Banda
20:30 Kalàscima (ITA)


Saturday (September 23, 2017)


Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9

10:30 International Experts presentations for musicians and professional
Minna Huuskonen (FIN): Art of Communication
Birgit Ellinghaus (GER): The Music Landscape in Germany/ Organizational structures, clusters and networks of global-local music

Tom Pryor (USA): Touring World Music in a Changing America
Simon Broughton (UK):Selling Slovak Music?

More information you can find in the section Conference.


Program for children

Hviezdoslavovo nám. - Altánok, free entry

14:00 The shepherds´games from Trenčín region
Then's shepherds' games from the beginning of the 20th century, played when herding geese, sheep and goats in the villages around Trenčín.
Children Folk Ensemble Gerulata performance
The children´s folk ensemble Gerulata has existed in Bratislava-Rusovce since 1992. The founder and head of the ensemble is the solist Alžbeta Uhráková. She has been dancing in the Suzuk dance ensemble for 20 years. Gerulata focuses on singing, children´s games and dances from various regions of Slovakia - from around Bratislava, Myjava, Nitra, Tekov, Považie, Liptov, Horehronie, Zemplín, Šariš. During its existence, the ensemble has taken part in 600 performance not only in Slovakia but also abroad. It has participated in several domestic and international festivals, performances on Slovak Television, Slovak Radio and in Lúčnica and Children program. On November 25, 2017 it celebrates its 25th  anniversary.
La Portella - Children´s Latino show (40 min)
La Portella, Children's Dance School invites you to its children's performances. Dances from Latin America performed by girls, among who are the world champions in Caribbean dances. La Portella is a dance school for children from 3 years of age offering a broad view on the dancing world under the guidance of Nela Portella. All children can participate in different free-time activities, different performance and frequency categories, from hobby to competition categories, and they can combine different dance styles. La Portella has achieved great success in dance competitions both at home and abroad.

Public discussions

Poľský inštitút, Nám. SNP, free entry

15:00 Discussion - The Roma´s Image in Today´s Society
The majority sees Roma through the optics of many stereotypes and prejudices. On the other hand, if Roma are sought and wanted by the majority in a certain area, it is for music, singing and dancing. However, this is also a stereotypical idea. These positive stereotypes can show Roma in a better light, but they are still stereotypes, contributing to the inaccurate and deceptive image of Roma in society.


Adriana “Gitana” Dráfiová - musician
Jozef Šivák - Gypsy Fest Director
Karolina Cicha - musician, PL
Vladimír Rafael - expert on education, founder of OZ EduRoma
Jana Belišová - ethnomusicologist, Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Science

Discussion moderated by:

Tomáš Hrustič is a researcher at the Institute of Ethnology SAS (Slovak Academy of Sciences). For more than 15 years he has been extensively engaged in research on various topics related to Roma.

In cooperation with the Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Science and the Polish Institute




Hlavné námestie, free entry

16:00 Ľudové mladistvá (SR)
16:45 Karin Sarkisjan (AM/SR)
17:30 Katarína Máliková (SR)

Gala Concert, tickets a

Ateliér Babylon, Kolárska 3

19:00 Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga (PL)
20:10 Renaud GARCIA-FONS (F)  & Derya TÜRKAN (TUR)
21:30 Oratnitza (BUL)


KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3

23:00 Cuban Night

Sunday (September 24, 2017)


Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9

14:00 - 15:00 Workshop: Drumcircle and Rhythmics
This playful drumming is aimed at all age categories including children and adults as well as newcomers to drums. Each participant will be provided with a drum or other percussion instrument and will become a part of a rhythmical orchestra led by experienced instructors. The principle of playing together and practicing rhythms is very simple and even a newcomer holding a drum for the very first time can join the orchestra after a short period of time. The workshop will be held in co-operation with instructors of Rytmika

Film première

a4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry, Karpatská 2

18:00 Ťažká duša (Heavy Heart)
The Šilalo paňori (Cold water) project presentation on Romany songs will be followed by a screening of M. Šulík's and ethnologist J. Belišová’s documentary film entitled Ťažká duša (Heavy Heart) and a concert of the film protagonists. In cooperation with ŽUDRO, civic association.