Ľudové Mladistvá

Ľudové mladistvá (Folk Youthness) is interesting new project of pianist and composer Martin Štefánik. His music is merging the elements of folk, jazz, classical and modern music in an energetic way. This fusion of inhomogeneous components comes out as very innovative and catchy both for world music and jazz fans. Martin Štefánik’s arrangements and compositions are unique in their style and approach to traditional understanding and processing of folk songs. The live performances enriched by presence of female folk singers and jazz improvisations are sophisticated and playful at the same time. The band reached immediately after its formation a wider recognition and was awarded during 2016 as the „Newcomer of the year“ at Bratislava Jazz Days Festival´s talent competition, won prizes at the „New Faces of Slovak jazz“ and “Newcomer of the Year” at the prestigious Annual Radio Head Awards and they won a JazzFruit price at the Jazz Talent competition Mladí Ladí Jazz, in Czech Republic.

Katarína Máliková & ansámbel

Katarína Máliková composes, plays and sings music resonating with traditional authentic Slovak songs, art-pop, classical and world music. AWARDS Winner of Radio Head Awards for:'Debut of the Year 2016'World Music/Folk Category 2016''Critics' Award 2016'. She originally comes from Polomka in Horehronie, where she grew up among mountains and songs.The mystical nature of her home region left a strong echo in her music.Her debut album, called Pustvopol (archaic name for the forest district Pusté pole) was released in 2016 in Slnko Records label and immediately caught the interest of public, media and quickly became one of the top albums in Slovakia.Songs from this album forms the majority of Katarina’s concerts, but she loves to jazz up the feeling of dreamy chanson and jazz.


BANDA is a world music band from Slovakia. Since having been founded in 2003 it has been striving to follow its own road of perception of the genre. Slovak traditional music serves as our basic musical source. Nevertheless, with pleasure we mix it with foreign and extragenre material. We emphasize thorough knowledge of the folk musical tradition. The melody and the text of the song are not the only topic of interest for us, we are interested in the local dialect, way of polyphonic singing, ornamentation, harmonization and rhytmization of the folk musicians as well.

Garcia-Fons & Derya Türkan

Renaud Garcia-Fons is a French upright-bass player and composer, well-known among jazz fans and also among world music lovers. Renaud is notable for his melodic sense and playing with arco - he is sometimes referred to as the Paganini of double bass. He recorded fourteen solo albums and played on dozens of them as a guest musician. Garcia-Fons played together with Vietnamese guitar-player Nguyen Le, Spanish flamenco-guitar master Gerardo Núňez, famous Turkish ney player Kudsi Erguner or Tunisian ethno-jazz singer Dhafer Youssef. During our festival he will introduce his project Silk Moon played together with Derya Türkan, Turkish musician playing on kemence. Their two instruments, the kemence and the double bass are the smallest and the tallest instruments played with bows and they sound is as a complete orchestra. Renaud and Derya play their own way beyond the usual tradition to discover new musical spaces, rhythmic, subtle and poetic. An encounter of the largest and smallest of bowed instruments. In cooperation with the Institute francais.


Kalàscima it means six experienced musicians from the very south of Italy, masters not only of traditional instruments, but also of emotions of their audience. They are very strong life band playing popular pizzica (or tarantella) style using traditional instruments as tamburello (frame drum), organetto (Italian diatonic accordion) or zampogna (Italian bagpipe) plus a lot of reeds, basguitar, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin or even electronics. Their second album Psychedelic Trance Tarantella have reached 6th place in World Music Charts Europe in April 2015. After very succesful last year tour on big festivals and many concerts in Europe and overseas these guys will come to our World Music Festival Bratislava in September. They will play not only on a big open-air stage, but also will give some workshops for people interesting in pizzica dance and music.

Oratnitza (BUL)

are six young Bulgarian musicians who share a love for both Bulgarian folklore and
contemporary bass genres. Oratniza’s music is a blend of folk melodies, orthodox-style chanting of the singers from well-known choirs Mystery of Bulgarian Voices and Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria, distant aboriginal themes, hip-hop, dubstep, trap D’n’B, and irregular rhythms. Oratniza interprets Bulgarian traditional songs in a way that our generation can truly embrace. The band is reviving an interest in Bulgarian musical tradition amongst young and old, not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole of Europe. Thanks to the masterful combination of regional folklore elements, with global musical styles and the use of atypical instruments, Oratniza’s music touches us regardless of our background. Oratnitza brings you thrilling, rolling Bulgarian ETHNOBASS and it’s 100% live!

K. Cicha&Palyga (PL)

Karolina Cicha is a singer, songwriter and one-woman orchestra, playing many instruments at once and using vocal techniques she invented herself. She hails from Bialystock in the Podlasie, a culturally and ethnically diverse area and historical borderland between east and west. Her album, 9 Languages, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Bart Palyga, contains songs composed by Cicha to lyrics written in the languages of the ethnic minorities of Podlasie: Tatar, Roma, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, Yiddish and Polish as well as Esperanto. The result is a modern mix of styles on which the two protagonists give full reign to their creative talents. The project for our festival will be sung in 9 different minority's languages, played on 13 instruments and was presented in over 14 countries.

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Ľ. Gašpar Cimbal Project (SK)

Ľubomír Gašpar is a cimbalom player. His ensemble, the Ľubomír Gašpar – Cimbal Project consists of the pianist Jakub Tököy, the double-bass player Peter ''Kozmo'' Korman and the drummer Kristián Kuruc, as well as himself as leader. It was this exact line-up that won the Jazz Fruit – Mladí ladí jazz Praha 2016 international competition. The band also received two special mentions at the local contest Nové tváre slovenského jazzu (Newcomers to Slovak jazz).

Friday, 22.9., 18:00, Hlavné námestie

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KarpaTon (SK)

The band KarpaTon is a music project created by Michal Smetanka and Eduard Fertáľ which combines interesting and original musicians. KarpaTon’s typical feature is its acoustic performance involving a wide range of ethnic musical instruments. Michal Smetanka is the leading character of this group that has already recorded three CDs (KarpaTon – 2011, Na koreňu – 2011 and Karpat Mater – 2015). KarpaTon’s latest project is entitled Hlasy predkov (The Voices of Predecessors).

Saturday, 22.9., 18:30, Hlavné námestie

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